Swiss Pork Chops


    • Pork Chops -1" Thick
    • 2 Tbs Flour
    • Salt and Pepper
    • 2 Tbs Butter
    • 1/2 Cup White Wine
    • 1 Tsp Lemon Juice
    • 1 Cup Cream
    • Dash of Cayenne Pepper
    • 2 Tbs Dijon Mustard


Coat chops with flour seasoned with salt and pepper. Brown in fry pan with 2 tablespoons melted butter. Add wine and lemon juice, cover and simmer until chops are done. Remove chops from pan and place on serving platter. Stir flour into drippings, stirring until smooth. Add cream, cayenne pepper, and mustard, heating just until hot and not boiling. Pour sauce over pork chops and serve immediately.

Ant Annie (1995)