How To Cook Pork Butt Low & Slow on The Big Green Egg

Preparing the Egg

    • Clean out all ashes from the egg
    • Use B&B hardwood lump charcoal
    • Select largest lumps to place place on bottom (to leave room for airspace in between)
    • After placing one layer of charcoal, spread out half a dozen or so good size chunks of apple or pecan wood chunks
    • For a 20-hour cooking time you need to have the charcoal at least halfway up to the top of the fire ring
    • Start a small fire in the center and let it grow out from there
    • Give the egg maybe an hour for the fire to be ready to put the meat on
    • Put the placesetter diverter in the egg, legs up
    • Place aluminum drip pan on the placesetter
    • After the fire is going good, close down vents most of the way to bring the temperature inside the egg to 200-225 degrees

Preparing the Meat

    • Rub the pork butt down with a good dry BBQ rub
    • Put the butt on a v-rack set
    • Set the rack on the grill or just put the pork directly on the grill and cook at 200
    • Cook the meat for 1.5-2 hours per pound
    • It's done when it reaches 203 degrees
    • Let set for at least an hour then pull and eat


    • The pork is done before the temperature hits 203 degrees, but at that temperature the fat disintegrates into the meat and adds flavor
    • If the internal meat temperature stalls, wrap the meat in red butcher paper (not foil) and put it back on the egg
    • If you make 2 butts and plan to save one, do not pull the meat on the one you plan to save. Leave it whole, wrap it in foil and plastic wrap, then put into a freezer ziploc. Freeze it. When you are ready to eat it you can thaw, reheat on low in the oven and it will not be dried out

Tony Federico