Mike's 4-T's BBQ Brisket

The barbeque at 4-T’s BBQ in Forney, TX is consistently on the Texas Monthly top 50 list. It as good as the barbeque at Pecan Lodge, plus the wait is a lot shorter. You do have to drive to Forney to get it, but it’s worth it! Mike Thomas the owner shared his recipe for that great brisket:


    • Buy an 8-12 pound prime brisket at Costco

    • Prepare using only a salt and pepper rub

    • Get smoker stabilized at about 230 degrees

    • Flop that baby on at 2 pm

    • Cook that puppy until 6 or 8 in the morning.

    • Cook until done.

    • You will know when it is done when it jiggles just right

    • Mike also has a really great BBQ sauce but he didn’t share that recipe.

Personal Notes

  • Soak 4-5 Post Oak smoking wood chunks overnight and let them dry out for 30-60 minutes before adding to the fire

  • Use drip pan with water in it to add moisture to the grill

  • Get the coals hot, then shut down (slight ventilation) for about 10 minutes. Then open and cover the coals with the soaked wood. Smoke should be pretty heavy at that point

  • After the first few hours, spritz every ~30-45 minutes with a 50-50 cider vinegar / water mixture

  • Cook at ~235-250 degrees. Can increase temperature toward 275 later in the cook if necessary to reach temperature. Wrap in butcher paper around ~165 degrees

  • A 15-pound brisket (trimmed to 12-13 lbs) took ~13 hours to reach temperature