Mike's 4-T's BBQ Brisket

The barbeque at 4-T’s BBQ in Forney, TX is consistently on the Texas Monthly top 50 list. It as good as the barbeque at Pecan Lodge, plus the wait is a lot shorter. You do have to drive to Forney to get it, but it’s worth it! Mike Thomas the owner shared his recipe for that great brisket:


    • Buy an 8-12 pound prime brisket at Costco
    • Prepare using only a salt and pepper rub
    • Get smoker stabilized at about 230 degrees
    • Flop that baby on at 2 pm
    • Cook that puppy until 6 or 8 in the morning.
    • Cook until done.
    • You will know when it is done when it jiggles just right
    • Mike also has a really great BBQ sauce but he didn’t share that recipe.