Veal Scallopini

  • Cut veal cutlet into scallopini about 3/8" thick and about 2" in diameter
  • Pound them thin with a mallet
  • Dip the slices in grated Parmesan cheese and sauté them in 1/4 cup butter until they are slightly browned on both sides
  • In a separate pan cook 1 cup finely sliced fresh mushrooms in 2 Tbs. butter and season them lightly with salt and cayenne pepper
  • Arrange the sautéed scallopini on a heated platter, one overlapping the other
  • Dissolve 1 generous tsp. meat extract in 3 Tbs. hot beef stock and add this to the butter in which the mushrooms were cooked plus 1 Tbs. butter
  • Stir over a very low flame until the sauce is well mixed, raise the heat and cook the mixture for 1 minute
  • While it is still bubbling add 1/4 cup Marsala wine
  • Arrange the mushroom caps over the scaloppini on the platter and pour the sauce over them

Mindy Ritchie (2000)