Beef Back Ribs


    • Buy yourself some beef back ribs (not short ribs)

    • Rub with a little Crystal hot sauce, or something else to help the rub stick.

    • Apply rub of 1/3- 16 mesh black pepper- 2/3 Kosher salt.

    • Fire up grill to 240°

    • Put 3-4-5 chunks of post oak wood on top of charcoal.

    • Cook indirect- put water in drip pan.

    • Cook closed for 2 hours.

    • Find a convenient lawn chair. Sit down and have a beer. You deserve it.

    • After 2 hours open and spritz with apple cider vinegar / apple juice mixture

    • Raise temp to 250°

    • After another hour spritz again and raise temp to 300°

    • Feel free to baste with Rufus Teague Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce, or not.

    • Cook will take between 4-5 hours

    • Cook ribs to internal temp of 203°