Jalapeño Poppers


    • Jalapeno Peppers

    • Kuby's Pimento Cheese

    • Thin Sliced Bacon (e.g. Oscar Meyer*)


  • Set the grill for indirect cooking between 370°F - 400°F

  • Rinse, dry and cut jalapeños in half lengthwise. Remove all seeds and veins from jalapeños but leave stem cap so cheese won't fall out. 

  • Don’t rub your eyes after you have cleaned and de-veined the jalapeños or you will regret it.

  • Stuff the jalapeños with Kuby’s pimento cheese spread (or any other stuffing you want to use!)

  • Wrap stuffed jalapeños with half a strip of thin sliced bacon. Don’t use thick cut bacon because it is harder to get crispy and it doesn't stay wrapped around the jalapeño.

  • Place jalapeños on grill for 25 minutes until bacon is crispy and browned.

  • Wait 5 minutes before you eat the poppers or the hot cheese will burn the roof of your mouth.


  • If the bacon is not crispy after the jalapeños are cooked, take them off the grill and put them in the oven under the broiler until the bacon is the desired crispiness

Lee Ritchie

(Recipe source is a compilation from numerous "self-proclaimed experts" on the internet plus a few of our own tips)